April 2019

Holocaust - 'Heavy Metal Mania' LP released in China !


We have licensed a stunning Holocaust album to our Chinese partners and we had 80 copies to sell exclusivity. Some already sold . We have the remained to sell on our site while stock lasts.

The album is in 3 vinyl formats and we have left to sell Black ( 25 copies ) , Red ( 9 copies )and Picture Disc ( 3 copies ) . Track listing is :

Heavy Metal Mania / Loves Power / Only As Young as you Feel - from the original 1980 12"
Heavy Metal Mania - live from Edinburgh 1981
The Small Hours - Studio recording from the rare 1980's 'Hypnosis of Birds' album
Heavy Metal Mania / Death Or Glory - recordings from the 1993 German cd single
Master Of Puppets - the band's 1996 tribute to Metallica
War In Heaven - previously unavailable bonus track from Japanese version of the 'Spirits Fly' album 1996
Absent Friends - previously unavailable bonus track from Japanese version of the 'Covenant' album 1997

Heavy vinyl and cardboard sleeve with lyric sheet pull out and fold out large HMM artwork poster .
Black vinyl £20
Red vinyl £25
Picture Disc £30
You can buy this exclusively by emailing metalnation1@hotmail.com with your order and we will give you the price with postage costs options to your country.

November 2018

Blitzkrieg 'Unholy Trinity ' [MNR017]

November 9th 2018 sees the re-release of this classic Blitzkrieg album - The very first album from the relaunch of Neat Records in 1995 under the Neat Metal Records moniker . This was hailed as one of the bands best albums and is , for no small part because of the songwriting of one time Blitzkrieg guitarist Tony J. Liddle who compost the music for the album and played all guitar parts.

Hello sailor - Tony Liddle and Brian Ross touting for trade down the docks in Newcastle

The album includes Brian Ross who also is the vocalist for SATAN but it also features SATAN's drummer Sean Taylor. Moreover there is a guest appearance by Venom's Cronos who sings a duet with Brian Ross on the Venom cover 'Countess Bathory ,.

This 17 track album now also contains the bonus track ' Nocturnal Vision '

March 2018

Stormzone: frist video from their new "Lucifer's Factory" album

The 'Dark Hedges' is a mysterious landmark in Northern Ireland and it has been made world-renowned by being featured in Game Of Thrones. But it is legendary in its own right and has rightfully taken its place in Irish myth and folklore long before being made famous by the hugely successful tv series. Legend has it that one June night each year a beautiful ghostly lady appears under the extensive branches of the Dark Hedges trees for an evening of dancing and interaction with the spirits she has previously invited from the graveyard nearby. One June night of revelry and then, just before dawn, it is all over for another year! Perhaps if you are a Game of Thrones fan and you are planning to visit the Dark Hedges sometime during June you can maybe time your trip just right and be able to join the dark lady and her ghostly guests!

Stormzone: New album "Lucifer's Factory" due for release in April

23rd April 2018 sees the official worldwide release of the new Stormzone opus, Lucifer's Factory. This is the sixth album from the Belfast-based Heavy Metal merchants, whose previous releases have prompted gushing praise from major print media and online zines alike, from Japan to the US, including rave reviews in UK's Classic Rock and Metal Hammer magazines, inviting comments such as "absolutely magnificent” and "if you call yourself a HM fan do yourself a favour and get into Stormzone!"

Lucifer's Factory does not look likely to disappoint either, with 13 tracks of blistering Heavy Metal combining the superb vocals of Harv Harbinson with the crunching, powerful delivery of the rest of the band, who not only keep the Classic Heavy Metal flag flying but also continue to celebrate their Celtic roots in subject matter with tracks such as Cushy Glen, Albhartach and Dark Hedges.

2018 also sees Stormzone celebrate 12 years of delivering their brand of classic heavy metal and during this time the band has toured Europe and beyond with legendary acts such as Stryper, Saxon, Y&T, Sebastian Bach, Tesla, Diamond Head, White Lion and Winger as well as playing at the best of festivals including Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock, Lorca Rock Festival, Headbangers Open Air, Metal Days, Leyendas Del Rock, Sonisphere, Bloodstock Open Air, Raismesfest, Skulls of Metal, Firefest and Metal Assault Festival amongst others! Stormzone also achieved the honour of being chosen by legendary Dokken guitarist George Lynch to be his backing band for a tour as his 'European' Lynch Mob!!

Dark Hedges / Lucifer's Factory / Cushy Glen / Last Night In Hell / Albhartach / We Are Strong /
Broken Window / The Heaven You Despise / Hallows' Eve / Your Hell Falls Down /
In For The Kill / The Last Goodbye / Time To Go

Band members:
Harv Harbinson - Vocals / Steve Moore - Guitars / Jr Afrifa - Guitars /
Graham McNulty - Bass / Jonathan Millar - Drums

Caught In The Act (2007) - Escape Music / Avalon Marquee Japan
Death Dealer (2010) - SPV / Steamhammer
Zero To Rage (2011) - SPV / Steamhammer
Three Kings (2013) - Metal Nation Records
Seven Sins (2015) - Metal Nation Records
Lucifer's Factory (2018) - Metal Nation Records

December 2017

Neal Kay NWOBHM impresario reveals all ( Oh Er ) in new magazine !!

Interesting NWOBHM magazine just arrived on my desk from Japan this month .The nifty titled , 'Shukusei Shinpou Saburai Sangou' . Handley it's subtitled 'Rock For Muthas . Not to be confused with 'The Highwayman Monthly' the cover is a masked Dick Turpin astride Black Beauty - he is grasping a Les Paul SG so that's alright then ? That said once you get inside it's a great read Written in Japanese and English it's a 116 page bound glossy edition to boot which features mostly a massive interview with NWOBHM Legend Soundhouse DJ , Neal Kay . He who not only spun many a 7" first single from a plethora of NWOBHM wannabes but also discovered Iron maiden ( as you do ) - hence their debut mythical ' Soundhouse Tapes ' form 1979. It's packed with the history of these time and his life before and after with a load of photos from the old Soundhouse .

It also have a decent section on Irish Metal Nation Records band , Stormzone who Neal produced in recent years ( amongst others ) - all explained inside . We have a few copies for sale courtesy of the magazine so if you fancy one of this piece of NWOBHM history drop us an email and Vic will sort you out for £7.99 + postage . metalnation1@hotmail.com. Alternatively we listed them on Ebay to buy there too . Hurry though - only a handful available.


Cloven Hoof - The Definitive Parts One & Two

January 2018 see's the release of two Cloven Hoof cd's on Metal Nation Records. We have listed 50 advance copies on Ebay and Amazon as a special pre release offer for fans so if you want to be the first to own copies hit the buy it now button in our the catalogue or pay now via paypal using the usual email metalnation1@hotmail.com
Alternatively email Vic on the same email and she'll sort it all out for you .

The Definitive Part One ( MNR020 )
Active throughout the 1980's the band folded in 1989 but reemerged in the mid ' Noughties ' . Aware none of their four studio albums from the 1980's were available bassist and founder , Lee Payne together with long time vocalist Russ North recruited drummer Joe Brown and guitarist Ben Read , re-entering the studio to record a new unreleased track together with unavailable classics from their back catalogue. Only previously available from band ten years ago the cd has been repackaged and given a professional release with distribution for the first time .The booklet has been extensively overhauled with new sleeve notes by Lee and personal photos added + lyrics .

The Definitive Part Two ( MNR021)
The second part of this series consists of rare and unreleased tracks recorded by CH in recent years and highlights four great vocalists associated with them during that time and before . The first five tracks are the 2010 band self financed ep, ' The Throne Of Damnation ' - a short run private pressing featuring vocalist Matt Moreton who was the vocalist on two previous Hoof albums . This ep was never made available commercially too - only sold via the band . The other six tracks are unreleased gems featuring one song each from the vocal talents of Ash Cooper and recent frontman Joe Whelan who now tours as a main vocalist in Jeff Wayne's Arena musical of 'War Of The Worlds'. The final four song featuring the talented vocalist Lee Small ( Lionheart and Ex Shy , Phenomena and Skyscraper frontman.) A full explanation of this period is included in the cd booklet by Lee Payne

August 2017


Chateaux, the UK NWOBHM three piece , for the first time have their back catalogue available for download . Platforms such as iTunes , Amazon and others now have the releases which consist of their [only] 7" single, Young Blood/ Fight To The Last (1982), and the band's three albums . 1983 debut Chained And Desperate which featured Grim Reaper's Steve Grimmett on vocals , Firepower (1984) and Highly Strung (1985). All feature main man Tim Broughton on guitar. Originally on Hull's Ebony Records

Ian Toomey - Masters Of Light

Second cd album released by Bitches Sin main-man Ian Toomey following close on the tail of 2015's 'Ascension' . Ian and Chris Tsangarides plays guitar on all tracks with Tsangarides also producing . Chris's production credits include Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest to recent Anvil releases . Ian also drafted in long term Bitches Sin vocalist and drummer to record the album . It's been 35 years since the first Bitches Sin album and this is the 15th release from Toomey via his solo career , Bitches Sin and Flashpoint during that time. Classic rock , soaring vocals and killer crunching riffs with superb melody together with the quality of a Chris Tsangarides production .

May 2017

Traitors Gate - T-Shirt

New official shirt designed by the band . Limited edition 100 copies.
All sizes available Girlie /S/M/L/XL/2XL.
'The Devil Rides Again 2017' across back of shirt.

April 2017

Holocaust - The Nightcomers

April see's the re-release of Holocaust's Debut LP from 1980 to CD with nine bonus tracks added from the band's three 12" singles also out between 1980-1982. Quoted as one of the most important albums of the NWOBHM this is the first time the album has been available for 20 years and now with the nine bonus tracks added and a booklet packed with full lyrics and sleeve notes by main man , John Mortimer this release will be in high demand by Metal fans.

The album features many rock anthems beloved by the HM fraternity including 'Heavy Metal Mania' and 'Death Or Glory' - both songs were also covered in later years by Gamma Ray and Six Feet Under respectively.

The Nightcomers album features the bands all original Scottish line-up and was the first release by Edinburgh based Phoenix Records, an independent Record shop turned record label to release this album and where vocalist Gary Lettice worked.

John Mortimer expanded on their independent roots recently saying "The emergence of Independent Labels was one of the most significant aspects of the NWOBHM. Prior to the grass roots movements of Punk and NWOBHM , freedom of musical expression were granted or denied by the major labels whose only concern was financial profit. In those pre-internet days of of the late 70's/early 80's the indie labels prevented youth musical culture from being reduced to a mere line item . The material on this album was considered to be ' not commercially viable' by the majors. No doubt they would have said the same about Metallica who quote Nightcomers as one of their influences. I'm Proud of this re-release not only because of what the music represents but also because of it's independent heritage."

"I've got HM music in my blood and I'd like to give it to you if I could."

Well, here it is. Hope you enjoy the fix.

Sat, 4 March 2017

A statement from Stormzone management:

As many of you will know, last week the band were shooting a new music video for a track from their latest album, Seven Sins. Acclaimed director Alex Perisson, responsible for many award winning videos from Europe's top metal bands, had signed up to direct the video, in a concept that involved recording footage in a disused asylum, against the advice of local experts.

As far as we can ascertain, the band and entire production crew encountered some kind of problem during the shoot. We have not been able to contact anyone involved since the date of filming. The attached news report contains footage found at the scene, which some viewers might find distressing.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the band or crew should get in touch immediately.

Thurs 22 Dec

Stormzone - Return To Zero (Zero To Rage Revisited)

Stormzone - Zero To Rage

After five albums Stormzone are about to hit the recording studio once more, but before entering Fire Machine Studios to begin work on their sixth album the guys took time to re-visit 'Zero To Rage', their third album which was released in 2011. Although the guys in the band are immensely proud of the songs on this third opus it was an album released before they were entirely happy with the production. Luckily Stormzone guitarist Steve Moore, also an immensely talented producer, managed to get his hands on all the original recordings and over the past few months he has lovingly re-mixed and re-mastered the whole album, adding instruments and sections where necessary. Without the pressure of a release deadline he has created an album that now sits very proudly amongst the Stormzone back catalogue and this time to the band's fullest satisfaction!

Entitled 'Return To Zero' this revisiting of 'Zero To Rage' not only features Steve Moore's world class production, mixing and mastering skills, it also contains brand new artwork plus two Stormzone songs never before released, 'Coming Home' and 'Face My Demons', especially recorded just for this album!

'Return To Zero' is available now as a HD digital download for just £7.99 by clicking on the following link:

Paypal - buy it now

Fri 2 Sep

Blitzkrieg - Added to Japanese Assault Festival

"Japanese Assault Fest 16", day 31 tomorrow (water) from 23 pm, our shop at the following ticket sales prior to start. Appearance with the band logo design the tickets. The day of the performance of the leading sales and scheduled, so not sure of the merchandise would you like to buy some of your early arrangement number, please ask for. This year of the 2 tickets and not only in the 1-day ticket each shop (Record Boy / Diskunion Hardrock Heavymetal (諸句体, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Osaka) / Rock Stakk Records / S.A.MUSIC At the sales. 1-day ticket, e+, pia only but will be sold. Ticket Agency / shop in the sale of the 9/10 (Sat) -. Any other details of the event site, Facebook event page, etc. Please confirm / the pre-sale of English Assault Fest 16 tickets (specially designed) will begin at 23:00 on Aug 31 (Wed) in the link below . Both the 2-day and 1-day tickets will be available at the stores linked bloom. 1-day tickets will be available from e+ and pia. These general sale will begin on Sept 10 (Sat). For more details, visit the Facebook event pages.


The Festival site

Tue 24 May

Bitches Sin - Invaders BUY NOW!!

Bitches Sin - 'INVADERS' ( aka 'ULTIMATE INVADERS' )

 50 copies - Buy now for Ltd period Amazon/Ebay

In 1986 King Klassic Records in America released Bitches Sin 2nd album called Invaders . This 10 track LP went on to become a NWOBHM classic so much so that back in their own country British label,  G.I. Records also release another version of it in 1988 . This version was completely re recorded and had a different cover ,and , moreover , had four tracks discarded and three new songs added for a 9 track album .  Now here together for the first time are those full two albums put together as a double CD but with another FOUR different unreleased BONUS tracks added onto two full colour picture disc cd's making a 23 track double cd package.

Comes together with a 12 page CD booklet featuring both covers , archive photos and press cuttings + full lyrics and sleeve notes hence the secondary title of  ' Ultimate Invaders '

Special Offer .  50 copies have been made available on Ebay and Amazon NOW.  Buy a copy now before release EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon or Ebay - be the first to own this NWOBHM classic ( once these 50 are sold it will be removed for sale until August 1st so be warned


Mon 11 Apr

Jess Cox (Tygers of Pan Tang ) at Metal Days Festival


Jess Cox ( Tygers of Pan Tang) - Diamond Rock Club , Belfast show



Mon 11 Jan

Blitzkrieg - ` A Time of Changes ` available now on Itunes

Please click the ITunes image below to access the purchase page

Tue 29 Sept

Blitzkrieg - ` A Time of Changes ` Album Release Party

-and South American Tour dates schedule


Wed 19 Aug

Blitzkrieg - ` A Time of Changes ` album release date

Blitzkrieg - A Time of Changes ( 30th Anniversary Edition )

Metal Nation Records - MNR 014

Release Date : November 2nd 2015

2015 sees the 35th anniversary of the band Blitzkrieg who came into existence in 1980.  Although their debut single (on Neat records) was released in 1981  , 'Buried Alive b/s Blitzkrieg'  it was not till 1985 that the band recorded their debut album as vocalist Brian Ross was involved with his other band , Satan recording and touring their debut classic ' Court In The Act ' . . 

30 years on because of catalogue sale and resale 'A Time Of Changes ' is lost in the vaults of corporate hell and may never see the light of day again. That said the current line up of Blitzkrieg wanted this album available to fans so they have completely rerecorded the album and added two bonus tracks . 'Too Wild To Tame' which should have made the LP back in 1980 but for time restrictions of vinyl then would not fit ! 
 It was eventually recorded by another Neat records stablemate , Avenger,
The second bonus track has never been released before though written at the time . 'Jealous Love' was the last song penned by the Ross/Sirroto partnership which fueled the early version of the band . . 
All the classic tracks are here too on this album including many still played live today which included the Metallica covered 'Blitzkrieg' track .
 It also features guess twin guitar appearances on 'Pull The Trigger' by Satan's Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey.

Great new artwork has been commissioned for the new version too by South American artist Ivan Chacon fronting a new 12 page booklet full of sleeve notes by  Brian Ross , lyrics and new photos from the past and present line up..

The album will be release in Europe by the band's long time label Metal Nation Records . It will also be release in Japan by Spiritual Beast and various labels in South America to coincide with the band's 7 date six country tour there in November 2015.  There will also be a vinyl version of the album on High Roller Records by German based label , High Roller Records . 

The band continue their 2015 'Time Of Changes ' 30th Anniversary tour having already headlined festivals in he UK ( Brofest / Hard Rock Hell ) , Slovenia ( Metal Days) and appeared at the prestigious Germany festival Headbangers Open Air.  The South American dates will be the last for this year. Tour dates available from the Blitzkrieg website at www.blitzkriegmusic.co.uk

Track listing :
Pull The Trigger ( Features members of Satan )
Take A Look Around
Hell To Pay 
A Time Of Changes 
Too Wild To Tame ( Bonus Track )
Jealous Love ( Bonus Track )

Sun 2 Aug

Stormzone Release New Album `Seven Sins`

Out 3rd August via Metal Nations Records, Seven Sins is the fifth album from Northern Ireland’s Stormzone; featuring 12 brand new studio tracks sure to please fans of classic heavy metal!

Recorded at FireMachine studios and produced by guitarist Steve Moore, 'Seven Sins' combines all the elements expected from Stormzone and the classic heavy metal genre, powerful guitars, soaring vocals and crunching bass & drums wrapped with classic melodies.

Set in the 18th century, the album tells the story of the mysterious Dr Dealer, his travelling troupe of various gifted misfits and the Seven Sins Emporium into which he invites men to test their resolve and strength. A story with layers upon layers, it is unarguably the most ambitious Stormzone record to date, unified with a theme, Seven Sins is the very first Stormzone concept album. A difficult feat for most, but a challenge vocalist, lyricist and founding member John ‘Harv’ Harbinson embraced. “It's hard to describe Seven Sins in one paragraph… the story-line is so complex. It's a very dark subject. It’s touch and go at times with regards to how far you can go with it, but at the end of it all there's hope.”

As well as the 12 album tracks there is more. The physical CD booklet includes a code within its pages and fans will have the opportunity to enter it into the official Stormzone website, www.stormzone.tv, and if they get the order correct they can download a further four brand new songs not available on the album!

1. Bathsheba
2. Another Rainy Night
3. Your Time Has Come
4. The One That Got Away
5. I Know Your Pain
6. Seven Sins
7. You're Not The Same
8. Raise The Knife
9. Abandoned Souls
10. Special Brew
11. Master Of Sorrow
12. Born Of The Damned

Having formed in 2004 Stormzone have gone from strength to strength. On the cusp of releasing their fifth and most ambitious record to date, the band can look back at a series of highlights including appearances on stages across the world and festivals including Sonisphere and Bloodstock Open Air, touring with legendary acts such as Saxon, Stryper, Tesla, etc. and seeing their name spread across the pages of iconic magazines such as Metal Hammer, “Tuneful ingots of molten intensity. Old school HM strikes gold!” Classic Rock, “Stormzone live up to their name and then some. Lighting To The Nation!” and Powerplay Magazine, “Nothing short of Magnificent. If you call yourself a HM fan do yourself a favour…”

This year sees the band carry on as before with Seven Sins being released just before the band embark on a series of Spanish festival appearances, including Skulls of Metal in Jaen and Leyendas Del Rock in Alicante. Further dates including more shows with Saxon are also to be announced shortly.




Mon 15 June



Brand new 8 track cd album by Bitches Sin mainman Ian Toomey which feature all other Bitches Sin members including David A Mills on vocals .  Moreover the recordings also feature Ian's brother Pete Toomey on guitar bring both together for the first time since the early years of the band.
Recording and production by Chris Tsangarides at his Ecology Rooms Studio in Kent . Chris also plays guitar as usual on the album as although he is a huge name in himself ( productions for Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest to name but two have seen to that )  he has been the guitarist on the last two Bitches Sin albums prior to this . 


Sat 6 June

Blitzkrieg have been added to this years Metal Days Festival in Tolmin Slovenia , the festival takes place between 19-25 July 2015

Fri 8 May


Shopping cart has been added to the CATALOGUE section on the site for purchasing

Coming up in July Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany


Tue 19 Aug


Blitzkrieg ' The Boys From Brazil Street Vol I' (MNR011)

16 track cd from 1980/81 Neat Records studio recordings and the band's first demo .
Comes with a  12 page booklet and clear tray full of archive memorabilia and sleeve notes . 
Features  the original Blitzkrieg line -up from 1980 !

Track listing : 
Blitzkrieg */ Inferno * / Armageddon */ Calming The Savage Beast / Take A look Around / Santa / Armageddon / Saviour / Inferno / Blitzkrieg / Armageddon / Buried Alive / The Space Traveller Take 1 / The Space Traveller Take 2 / Child In Time / Highway Star . 

* 1980 Demo
Tracks 4-8  Neat  Sessions 1
Tracks 9-16 Neat Sessions 2


Cloven Hoof ' The Opening Ritual' ( NMR012)
Recorded back in 1982 this is Cloven Hoof's first ever release . Originally a 7" four track ep it has now been extended with the band's first demo and a previously unreleased track , 'Nightstalker ' for this new first official CD release .
All remastered in 2014 by Metal Nation Records with a 12 page booklet full of lyrics , archive photos and extensive sleeve notes by the band . 

tracklisting  :    Gates Of Gehenna / Stormrider / Back In The USA / Starship sentinel / That's the way It Goes / Return Of The Passover / Road Of eagles / A piece Of the Action / Nightstalker . 


Thu 3 Jul


Blitzkrieg have confirmed to head back into Europe in September 2014 in support for their latest release `Back From Hell`

the tour kicks off in Newcastle on Sun 7th Sept at Trillians Rock Bar , then playing 15 shows across Europe visiting Germany Switzerland Italy and for the very first time Blitzkrieg will play their debut show in France

Tue 8 Oct


The new Blitzkrieg album entitled. 'Back From Hell' will be released on Tuesday 5th November 2013 on the Metal Nation Records label (MNR013)

Features eleven new tracks plus a re-working of `Buried Alive` and also a cover version of Metallicas `Seek and Destroy`

Catch Blitzkrieg on Saturday 9th November for the album launch party at
Consett , County Durham

Sun 6 Oct


Stormzone - Three Kings ( NMR009)

Fourth album from these Irish classic metal heads.   Huge songs with soaring vocals and crushing riffs.  7/10 review in Uk Classic Rock November issue.  Quote : " Stormzone live up to their name and then some ! The twin guitar interplay is thunderous yet sophisticated " 

The band have 3500 radio plays in the USA in three weeks over 100 stations !

Check out all the up-to-date information on this and see their latest video clip on the band at


Purchase the album here paying securely via Paypal

Wed 8 May


Hi. Yes I know I have had no news here for an eternity but I have been engaged doing many music things .  I have busied myself booking shows for the bands I look after or ‘help’ .  Just back from Keep It True in Germany with Holocaust and Spain before that .  Been with them to a new festival here in Newcastle called Brofest  too . Also been to Wolverhampton in the Uk with Hollow Ground and with Stormzone in Germany at Metal Assault .
I had been seriously bitten by the Ebay bug and have somehow managed to buy some 2000 albums and cd’s in the last years from this spawn of the devil.  Yikes!  Anyway I have slapped myself out of it and have given myself a talking to and decided to kick off the label again with some releases (Hurrah!).  I have also realised I need to keep you lot informed so I am going to write a monthly blog and put it up here for you all to read so hopefully you’ll be better informed from now on.

Ok first off I have rereleased a rare Satan album called ‘Live In the Act’ which I had out in 2004.  I have only done a short run of 500 cd’s so get ‘em while you can .  This is the 1983 classic line up playing in Holland and there is the Kiss of Death ep added as bonus tracks .

The next release will be Cloven Hoof ‘ Opening Ritual’ .  This is the bands original debut ep with bonus tracks from the time . That will be out late summer so I’ll keep you informed as we go !

Also in the studio at the moment are Blitzkrieg recording their new album ‘Back From Hell’ for release in September when the band will be touring Europe! In fact I just saw the boys last night and got them to sign their lives away[again] in [another] contract which I have scurried away with to the bowls of Metal Nation Mansions .

Other projects on the go are Bitches Sin ‘Invaders’.  This will be a double cd with both versions of the album ( as there was a European and Stateside release both with very different track listing ). Also there will be 4 bonus tracks never before released !

A band I have been managing in recent years Stormzone are recording their fourth album as we speak .  Their previous two I licensed to SPV but this new one so far has no label.  It is likely that it could be on Metal Nation as I have had a roll change in that the boys have found a good Irish chap to manager them in Belfast where they are from and have signed to the mighty tour agent X’ray Touring and big plans are afoot for these trad metal heads who if you don’t know include in their ranks Davy Bates , the original Savage drummer . Stormzone  are out with Saxon as we speak and other tours are being lined up now - exciting times for a great band .!

Well I think that’s enough  for one month see you 1st of June with an update!

Jess Cox  1st May 2013